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Hey, this is the source of those 18 tiny shampoo bottles and bars of soap in the bottom drawer.

closet in the bathroom!

Yeah, I’m talking about hotels and everything that we like to take in them, even if we

don’t use it!

But be careful, sticky fingers – technically you are only allowed to take certain things!

To begin with, you have been bringing home for many years …


Soap and Lotion This is probably the only thing you can find

in any hotel, regardless of the price range.

This bar of soap is for you only.

Obviously, the next person to stay in your room will get a new one.

The same goes for any hand lotions or creams.

It’s good for dry air on a plane home!


Shampoo and conditioner. If these products have a hotel brand

logo, they really want you to take them!

This is a tricky way to advertise hotels because a lot of people bring them home.

place in guest bedrooms or donate to friends.


Toothpaste and mouthwash Feel free to use Barbie-sized toothpaste.

and mouthwash with you when you leave.

Some hotels also provide travel toothbrushes for guests, probably because it is

one thing we often forget to pack!

And forget about the guest bedroom – these mini will come in handy for your carry-on luggage.

Or, you know, when you’re late for work and realize you forgot to clean



Shaving cream and razors Hey, if the hotel so kindly left you some

Shaving accessories, accept the gift even if you put together it yourself!

But if you are going to fly home, check your airline’s policies regarding

carry aerosols or razors in your carry-on baggage.

Free stuff is cool and all, but you don’t want the security to be searched too much!


Deodorant Did you have that thing in your pits?

Yes, please take this with you …

Even if this is not the case, the deodorant will remain with you!

Okay, enough toiletries – let’s get to the good stuff! …


Sewing kit This thing is a real magic wand for frequent


But it can be difficult to find a small sewing kit that doesn’t take up a lot of space in your home.


Don’t miss your chance to collect these tiny dolls from the hotels!



Shoe shine kits These kits usually include black shoe polish,

cleaning cloth and shoe brush.

Not many hotels have this item in their rooms, but you can ask for it at the front desk and

leave it forever.


Shower cap Experienced travelers know a pretty cool trick

for your next trip: when packing, simply slip your shoes over your shower cap to

Make sure that dust or dirt from the soles of your shoes does not get on your clothes.

It’s smart!


Plastic bags Like a shower cap, they can come in handy

to organize things in your luggage.

For example, if you don’t want to mix clean clothes with dirty clothes, throw

dirty clothes in plastic bags, which are provided in most hotels.

You can also use them to protect your clothes from any bottles in your suitcase.


Comb or hairbrush Yeah, that’s yours.

But any other hair products you find in your hotel room, such as a hairdryer or straightener, should not

to be taken.



Stationery Ever noticed how when you need to write something

down, pens are nowhere to be found?


This is why most hotels provide you with pens, pencils and notepads.

They won’t mind if you leave them.

Again, they want you to brush off the stationery – they stick their logo all over the surface.

this, and you know you will lose this pen somewhere!

And of course, if you’re not actually moving it, then it’s stationary stationery.


Envelopes While stocking up on writing supplies,

come on, throw the envelopes in your bag.

This is one of those things that you always forget to buy, even if you need it more often.

than you understand.

What difference does it make if your holiday cards are in an envelope with the name of the hotel?

He’s still doing his job!

Merry Christmas from Do Drop Inn!


Magazines and newspapers You can borrow any reading material at the hotel.

left for you to have fun.

Again, they’ll be good on the plane returning home, especially if you don’t have

movies in flight!

However, some magazines may have special stickers, which means that they must remain

on the territory of the hotel.

Be sure to check it out!


Coffee, tea and sugar If your hotel has things to keep warm

drinks right in your room, then feel free to bring your tea bags, coffee bags and

sugar bags if you like.

Just make sure these items are not part of the minibar – otherwise you will have to

pay for them!

And … you can’t take a coffee maker or a kettle … bummer …


Coffee mugs Strictly speaking, guests are not allowed.

take mugs from your room or from the dining area.

But if you really like your hotel coffee mug, steal it while they’re not watching!

No, just kidding!

Just ask if you can take it – chances are they won’t have a problem with that.

If you steal it and get caught at the police station, they will take a picture of you.

holding it, and this is a completely different coffee mug – a shot.


Bottled water If you live in a country where you drink

tap water is not good, then most local hotels will have free bottled water in your room.

But if you’re in a place where tap water is safe to drink, be prepared to pay for these bottles.

So it often depends on this freebie!


Snacks To avoid unnecessary spending, you must take

that all food and drinks in your hotel room are chargeable.

Except for the little candy found on the pillow.

But if you see snacks or fruit in the common area of ​​the hotel, that’s probably okay.

take them with you to curb your hunger pangs as you travel through your new city.


Robes The rules regarding this are a bit complex and

depends on the hotel.

In many places, a rally robe … a rally robe?

Take two: the missing robe will be added to your bill.

Some hotels even attach price tags to robe hangers to let guests know that

it is not a free item to take home.

However, many more expensive hotels consider it a gift and even add guest embroidery.

initials on it!

Well, the “gift” is a stretch – you probably paid for this tailor-made robe in the price.



Slippers They are not reusable, so if you leave them

in the room they will be thrown away.

That’s why it’s okay if you get your hands on one pair.

They will be especially helpful on your way back home if you are wearing shoes that

uncomfortable for a long trip, but you shouldn’t be wearing socks on the plane.

But keep in mind that in some expensive hotels, slippers are much better than those.

cheap flimsy and worth leaving for future guests.

After they have been cleaned and disinfected, of course!


The duck in the bathtub was attached to a rubber duck that had been left for storage.

do you have any company in your room?

Then don’t leave your new friend!

Besides, he saw too much now …

Rubber ducks are pretty cheap and despite being reusable the hotel staff

probably won’t mind if you take it.

Just ask them to be sure.


Umbrellas Many fashionable hotels have them for occasion.

bad weather.

They are usually kept in the lobby and not in the guest rooms.

Obviously, umbrellas are quite expensive compared to slippers, but in most cases, you

you can keep yourself.

Again, they are branded, so if you use them after your hotel stay, more people will

find out about it.

There is never too much advertising, right?


Do not disturb sign and magnetic key card.

Tired of your roommate rushing in while you’re trying to get some work done?

Well, hotel slippers private label; 7skucom.wordpress.com, next time you stay at the hotel, grab the Do Not Disturb sign and take

he is home with you.

As for magnetic keycards, I don’t know why you need them, but they are free for

taking as well.

The hotel will deactivate it anyway after you leave….

Okay, our list is getting pretty long, and that’s not even all you can learn from

your room!

Other free gifts didn’t make the list simply because getting them is more likely

exception than the rule.

But many exclusive hotels go out of their way to impress guests by providing

Rubik’s Cubes, stress toys and even teddy bears!

Yes, and one more tip that should cover all the basics: if you ever want something

from your hotel room, but doubt you can, just ask if you can purchase an item or check

if your hotel has an online store where you can buy all those cute pillows and soft duvets.

Because yes, you cannot take bed linen and towels!

Now it’s your turn.

What kind

items from the list would you surely take home?

Let me know in the comments!

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