Israel’s ground operation in Gaza may finish next month – CNN

According to CNN, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) military operations in January may switch to a lower-intensity approach that focuses on particular Hamas commanders and operatives. The site claims that the operation’s strategies would be comparable to those used by the US to take out terrorist commanders in Afghanistan and Iraq.


Washington is extremely concerned about more Israeli operations in southern Gaza at the same time. According to CNN on Tuesday, which cited a number of unidentified senior US officials, the US has warned West Jerusalem in “hard” and “direct” talks that the IDF cannot repeat the same damaging tactics it used in the north of the Palestinian enclave and must take additional steps to limit civilian losses.


Israel accused Hamas on Friday of firing into Israeli territory while under operational halt, which led the Israel Defense Forces to reopen hostilities with the Palestinian militant group in Gaza.


The truce allowed humanitarian aid to enter Gaza, ceased hostilities, and allowed Hamas to liberate its captives in return for Israel liberating Palestinian inmates.

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