Queens family hires celeb security guard to watch over $2M dream home taken over by squatter



In a bizarre turn of events, a Queens family finds themselves locked out of their own $2 million dream mansion. The culprit? A squatter who has taken up residence, leaving the rightful owners in a state of frustration and disbelief. But fear not—help has arrived in the form of a celebrity security guard, determined to restore justice and protect the Landa family’s coveted property.


The Dream Mansion Turned Nightmare

Susana and Joseph Landa, both 68 years old, had envisioned their Douglaston, Queens, home as the pinnacle of their retirement plans. Nestled in a picturesque neighborhood, the $2 million mansion was supposed to be a haven for their golden years. Little did they know that their dream would soon unravel into a legal battle against an audacious squatter.


The Squatter’s Bold Claim

Brett Flores, 32, has been living in the Landa family’s home since the man he was caretaking for passed away in January 2023. Armed with a dubious “license” allegedly granted by the previous owner, Flores has defied the Landas’ legal purchase of the property. His audacity knows no bounds—he even lists rooms in the mansion for rent, further adding insult to injury.


Desperate Measures: Celebrity Security Guard to the Rescue

Enter our hero: an experienced celebrity security guard, whose resume boasts high-profile cases, including standing watch at Bill Gates’ daughter’s 2021 wedding. The burly sentinel now stands sentry outside the Landa mansion, determined to thwart any further encroachment by the squatter. His presence is both reassuring and symbolic—a beacon of hope for the besieged family.


The Legal Battle

The Landas have fought valiantly to regain control of their property. Five hearings in civil court have yielded little progress, thanks to Flores’ bankruptcy declaration, which shields him from eviction. The couple’s frustration is palpable; their dream home remains tantalizingly out of reach, while Flores continues to run up bills on their dime.


A Son’s Hope

For the Landas, this battle is personal. Their son, Alex, who has Down syndrome, was meant to share this home with them. The proximity to relatives and the promise of a safe haven for Alex were integral to their decision. Susana Landa’s poignant words echo their deepest desire: “I just want to know that I can die tomorrow and he’s next to his brother.”



As the celebrity security guard stands watch, the Landa family clings to hope. Their $2 million dream home remains a beacon of resilience, a testament to the unwavering human spirit. Perhaps justice will prevail, and the squatter’s reign will come to an end. Until then, the Landas continue their fight, bolstered by the unwavering commitment of their hired guardian.

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