The GOP just conflated antisemitism with anti-Zionism. That’s problematic.

On Tuesday, House Republicans will vote on a resolution denouncing antisemitism. That appeared like a commendable gesture at first blush. Globally, antisemitism is becoming more prevalent, and it is imperative to combat the spread of hatred. However, the resolution also included contentious language that said, in essence, that “anti-Zionism is antisemitism.” That phrase confuses criticism of Israel with anti-Semitic prejudice, and its goal is to stifle dissenting voices regarding Israel in Washington.

The vote was 311 to 14, with several Democrats voting with the Republicans. However, 92 Democrats voted in favor of the measure, indicating that more Democrats than the GOP were aware of its deceptive techniques. That was a tiny but encouraging indication that Democrats are cognizant of the fact that Republicans are shamelessly attempting to weaponize the antisemitism controversy in order to save Israel from criticism while it conducts an increasing.

People’s definitions of anti-Zionism vary, and it occasionally acts as a cover for antisemitism. In a covert effort to spread antisemitic conspiracy theories or make the case that Israel should be ethnically cleansed of Jews, some have attacked Zionism or Zionists. Anti-Zionism of that nature is disgusting and racist.

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